Oh My Ganache!

Oh My Ganache!

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Oh my ganache! I totally failed on Saturday, when I attempted to make a Triple Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies, from a recipe that I found on Pinterest. I had some left over Mascarpone Cheese from making Tiramisu last month (Yes, it lasts that long. Similar to butter) and needed to try to use it up before it goes bad.

Unfortunately, it is not good for my husband to sit at the island in the kitchen and watch me cook. He distracted me by trying to fuss at me for making a mess (I always tease him about being such a big mess maker) when I was trying to sift flour. He distracted me enough to where ¾ cups of flour turns into 3 cups!! I did not catch the mistake until I started to incorporate the flour into the brownie mixture and noticed it seemed awfully thick. I was only able to extract 1 cup of flour, but there was nothing I could do about the two cups I already mixed in.

I decided to continue, maybe it would be more like cake than a brownie. We even sampled it before I went to the trouble to add the ganache on top of the over-floured brownie. We thought maybe it would make the brownie/cake taste better. I proceeded with the ganache and put it into the refrigerator to set. It was a good attempt but these brownies were an epic fail.

Oh my ganache!



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