The Results Are In!

The Results Are In!

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Hey everyone,

I want to share the results of The Mountain Kitchen Spring 2016 Reader’s Survey with you.

First of all, I want to thank all of those who took the time to give us feedback. I will admit I was a little nervous about asking you questions. I didn’t want to bother you, or beg for your precious time to fill out a survey, but it was important for me to learn more about you and in the long run this will benefit you as a reader. My fears were quickly laid to rest and we received more participates than expected. So many of you shared such kind words. I really appreciate the feedback, both positive and constructive things you had to share with me. You also gave me some insight for things in the future.

Now let’s get on with the results:


QUESTION #1:  How long have you been a reading The Mountain Kitchen?2016 TMK Survey Results

Many of you have been visiting our kitchen for quite a while. That means some of you have seen some major changes since the beginning. Thank you for your dedicated readership and hanging in there through some major changes, I know some of it in the beginning was not pretty…lol!


QUESTION #2:  How did you find

2016 TMK Survey Results

Looks like a lot of my fellow blogging friends participated in the survey. I should have added WordPress as a selection. My blogging friends are one of the reasons why I love to do this so much. I admire so many of them and enjoy their blogs and creativity.

The “Other” answers are as follows: 

“Your husband.”

“I am not sure”

“My sister, one of your biggest fans”

“Know Debbie”



“Fellow blogger”


“Wordpress Reader”


“I don’t know. It just happened.”

“Searching for recipes and your site came up with one”


QUESTION #3:  What types of recipes would you like to see more of?

“grilled foods”

“Yummy ones”


“Dinners for two, quick healthy meals”

“One pan and slow cooker”

“I am pretty happy with the variety of recipes already!
I don’t eat seafood so those don’t apply to me but I’m sure there are many folks out there
who love those recipes so I would never want you to lose them.”


“Low carb”

“enjoy a seasonal variety”

“Grilled food”

“pasta dishes”

“Meatless monday”

“Meatless Monday”

“I’m enjoying it so far. We eat mostly beef, chicken and fish.”

“Grilling and smoking”

“Desserts- I’d rather bake then cook!”


“Smoked meats!”

“I love everything healthy, vegetarian, pescetarian, etc!”

“Innovative recipes. Challenge yourself, trying other non-american, non-traditional cuisines.”

“Anything ya’ want to show me!”


“It doesn’t matter, just as long as you show pictures of your deck!”

“Lite and Healthy”

“Some quick recipes for people that don’t have allot of time and crock pot recipes”

“Casseroles, crock pot recipes, desserts :)”

“Quick weeknight”

“Fewer ingredients and quicker”

“Creative side dishes”

“Dessert, side items”

“Quick, easy & cheap, but healthful”


Y’all gave me some great responses. I can’t decide which answer is my favorite, the more direct answer: “yummy ones”, or the one that says they don’t care as long as there are pictures from the deck…lol! It looks like quick and easy recipes are in high demand though.


 QUESTION #4:  What brings you back to The Mountain Kitchen?

2016 TMK Survey Results

I was anxious to know the answer to this one. I’m so happy the majority of you like what your reading. The green portion “other” was one of my favorite answers: “You, I love you, woman.” Gosh, this made me blush!


QUESTION #5:  What are your favorite blogs to read?

“just about any with recipes, esp. desserts”


“Health issues, healthy food”


“Blogs about food, homes, gardening, country life”

“I enjoy all of them”

“Lifestyle, DIY”

“read only one”

“The mountain kitchen”

“Mountain life”



“Michael Hyatt, Danny Gregory, Gretchen Rubin”

“Your blog about the roaming goats!”

“Love where we get a glimpse into your surroundings and when you share the history of a recipe!”

“Food, lifestyle”

“FoodIsTheBestShitEver, anything saucy”



“Outdoor cooking blogs”

“Life style and food blogs”

“I like the story of the beginning. Staycation”

“I don’t do much in the way of blogs, I read Taste of Home and Quilting things”

This question was kind of vague, I probably should have worded it a little better, but I like the responses. Some of you gave me feedback about the kind of blog posts you read here at I really appreciate that!


QUESTION #6:  Which of the following social networking websites do you currently have an account with? (Check all that apply)

2016 TMK Survey Results

I was interested to see where you like to hang out. The “other” responses were as follows:


“I don’t use any of these.”


“None – I don’t do social media”


QUESTION #7:  Overall, how would you rate the quality of your experience visiting

image (5)

Most of you are pleased with what you see here. I would like to thank you for your honesty to those who didn’t give me such rave reviews. I would like to extend an invitation to visit our contact page. If at anytime you see something in our kitchen that you don’t like and want to talk about it, please feel free to contact us. Constructive criticism is always welcome here, especially when there are probably others that feel the same way you do.


QUESTION #8:  What suggestions do you have for improving

The answers to this question were great! Some of our readers are absolute sweethearts! I really needed an ego boost. A couple of these I know exactly who you are! 😉

I would like to know how the person with comments about aesthetics is viewing our blog page… I do not have a tablet or iPad and have to clue how this translates. If anyone else has a hard time, please let me know!

Check out these answers:


“I don’t know what I’d improve, but I”d like to say I really love your recipes and the pictures you post!”

“Shorten posting non related to recipes, increase posts”

“David spotlights !”

“if you have a recipe for me, say what it is in the email. I don’t have time to open everything”

“I think it’s great and I’m already enjoying watching it grow.”

“I’d love to see more of your beautiful home! And those gorgeous views and your gardens.”

“I love reading your down to earth stories and trying your recipes!! Keep up the great job!!!”


“please include nutritional info – especially calories per serving”

“More travel stories”

“Just keep up sharing your delightful insights!”

“Sorry, but I like it just fine. Thanks for giving us the chance to give feedback though.”

“I like the personal stories – so more of them.”

“Can’t improve perfection”

“Absolutely love seeing your neighborhood and surroundings, would love to see more! :)”

“I can’t think of anything. You’ve been loyal to me since the beginning and
I have loved getting to know you through your site!”

“Umm…. maybe clean up the aestetic a bit. It feels a bit cluttered.
With ads, with banners to follow at the top and the bottom,
ads in the middle, a calendar at the bottom. It just feels a little crowded.”

“More stories!”

“Blog more often”

“Mail order for desserts with free shipping to any place in the lower 48
Also, put an extension on your deck and make it bigger so
David can have all his grilling equipment up there.”

“I like Kitchen Tips on cooking and equipment/tools you like to have around”

“Would like to know more about what wines go with what food the best.”

“More ingredients on hand type of recipes”

“Recipes that use similar ingredients and incorporating a shopping list for the week.”

“More dessert or side items.”

“Love the stories about you – hope you are recovering from your surgery. 
Love hearing about his highness, I have a her highness living with us, and you are in my mountains.
Born & raised in WV — love seeing those Smokey Mountains!
Transplanted to FLA now, but my heart will always be in those mountains.
You seem like a normal person with good recipes that I have actually tried and liked.
Some of the recipes out today are things my family wouldn’t eat,
never things we would even have in our kitchen! You seem like one of us.
Please don’t take that wrong, its meant to be a compliment.
I got my husband to sign up for your site. He loves it too.”


The next two questions are completely demographic related questions. I wanted to know more specifics about our readers. Thanks ladies! I hope more men decided to opt out of the survey…  

I really like the age range of the readers. It seems we have something for everybody, that’s awesome to know!


QUESTION #9:  What is your gender?

2016 TMK Survey Results

QUESTION #10:  What is your age?

2016 TMK Survey Results

This was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from you! I just want you to know that it is a pleasure to share our recipes and stories with you. Again, I just want to thank you all so much for taking the survey and letting us be part of your day. If you recall, I started this blog to help me get over my incredible urge to smoke. After 22 years of puffing on cigarettes, I needed to focus on something. Little did I know that this blog would be such a blessing. I am grateful for each of you for reading. I never knew it would lead to so many friendships all around the globe!

If you have any more thoughts, ideas concerns or suggestions about our blog, please email me [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!



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