Our Story ~ What Staycation Really Means

Our Story ~ What Staycation Really Means

In 2008, David and I took a leap of faith to make our dream of living in the mountains we love come true. That’s when we found out What Staycation Really Means.

I want to share our story with you. Our story is proof that through, faith, love, and determination dreams really do come true. We are so very blessed! 

You just have to BELIEVE!

I invite you to read our story. In this collection of blog postings, you will learn how The Mountain Kitchen came to be. 

Our story begins here: What Staycation Really Means: Part I

4 thoughts on “Our Story ~ What Staycation Really Means”

  • What a stunning home you guys have! Right overlooking the mountains- I will click on the link too and read your story- but we used to live in queens and had a vacation home and decided to make it permanent too because we had the same idea as you guys…. I’ve never looked back. Even as a kid, I hated living in the city and looked forward to going upstate every weekend!

    • Oh, wow! You did live in a big city, Shannon. I’m glad you followed your heart to live where you vacation. This home was beyond our wildest dreams, we never gave up hope and we always believed! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I hope you enjoy the story. 🙂

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