My Melanoma Story

My Melanoma Story

No doubt, I have abused my skin in the sun and the tanning bed through the years. I also have a family history of non-melanoma skin cancers. Like many, having a tan made me feel good. It was nice during the summer months to be tan. My skin is fair and It took a lot of work, but by the beginning of summer, I was lightly bronzed.

I was diagnosed with Melanoma in the fall of 2015. Having Melanoma made 2016 my worst year ever, but in the same ways, it was my best year ever. Melanoma touched me in a way that has changed my life forever.

In my efforts to raise awareness about Melanoma, I write updated blog posts about what’s been going on since I was diagnosed. My hope in sharing this journey with you is that you can keep your brother, your aunt, your daughter, your neighbor or your friend from having to go through this. Most importantly don’t let the fear of cancer keep you from getting checked out.

I want to create awareness that it is not “just skin cancer”.
Having a mole removed sounds like no big deal until they tell you that you have cancer.
Melanoma is a big deal.
It is cancer and it will kill you!
You need to know this because I didn’t.


I realize that this is mostly a food blog, but I will not apologize for the gory photos. This is what tanning can do to you and I have been incredibly blessed it hasn’t been worse than this. There are others in this world who have suffered far more than I have and I thank God every day for opening my eyes.

I’ve learned a lot about Melanoma, since the fall of 2015, but now my challenge is learning to live as a Melanoma survivor.

Skin checks are so very important. Have you called a dermatologist to schedule yours?
Before you come up with an excuse not too, I want you to know I didn’t think I would get Melanoma either, but I did.

My story has turned out well. So many others aren’t so lucky.
Go get checked. It could save your life!

Please protect yourself and the ones you love. There is no safe tan and no it isn’t “just a sunburn”.

Here is a Prevention Guideline Handout from

Read it. Learn from it. PREVENT IT!

Thanks for reading this.



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