His Royal Highness

HRHMeet Ashes, AKA Atchee. Ashes is 18 years old. He is (thinks he is) royalty and lives in his own mountain palace. His favorite food is chicken. Although he loves turkey and tuna. He’s anti-social to people he does not know. His favorite days are Wednesday and Sundays because they are “TREAT DAYS”. He enjoys daily spankings and spending time on his “purr pad”.

10 thoughts on “His Royal Highness

  1. Connie Tate

    Hi Ashes! I am so happy to meet you! I have heard great things about you. I work with your mom! You take care and enjoy those treats!!

  2. Jennifer Edwards

    Too freaking cute! His face matches his attitude totally! Noms are important to all the “Royal Highnesses” we tend to. It’s now now now now NOW! Or I’ll trip you, stand in front of you, nip you, smack you and make so much noise I will drive you crazy…food hooman…NOW! Adorable!

  3. Monica

    Ashes, you are one very attractive kitty kat.. I’m allergic to your people but I would love to meet you and would be willing to deal with the fallout later. You are really gorgeous!
    xo monica

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