Grilled Chicken Southwest Salad With BBQ Ranch Dressing

This Grilled Chicken Southwest Salad is packed with black beans, tomatoes, grilled corn, bacon, avocado and romaine lettuce, topped with BBQ Ranch Dressing. |

When it comes to salad, this grilled chicken southwest salad is a game changer! It’s a game changer because you will crave this salad just like we do. Yes, I said “we”. I am happy to report that although it took me some time, I finally found a salad that David wants to eat. Besides … Read More

Incredibly Good BBQ Ranch Dressing

Incredibly good BBQ Ranch Dressing begins with creamy ranch dressing perfectly blended with tangy barbecue sauce, giving it a smoky, flavor-filled taste. |

Y’all know I’m not a huge barbecue sauce lover, but I must confess… I’m in love with BBQ Ranch Dressing! How did this happen? Never in a million years would I have believed that adding BBQ Sauce to Ranch Dressing would have ever been good, BUT IT TOTALLY IS!!!!! Have you tried it? Am I … Read More

7 Ways to Become Inspired to Cook {The Mountain Kitchen Tips

Lose your motivation to cook at home? Cooking at home is healthy and saves you money. Here are 7 ways to become inspired to cook. |

I get asked all the time where I find the recipes that I cook. My answer is always the same. I find almost all of my recipes online or in magazines, but I almost always put my own spin on them, usually taking out anything processed and making them as natural as possible. I love food … Read More

Potatoes Au Gratin

Tender potato slices laced with sweet onions smothered in a creamy cheese sauce with a hint of garlic. Potatoes au gratin the perfect side dish to any meal! |

When I say Potatoes Au Gratin, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Smooth velvety melted cheese covered creamy potatoes? Or Cheesy plastic? If you said cheesy plastic, you can relate and have eaten potatoes au gratin from a box. I’ve eaten the box kind too. My mama made them from time to time when … Read More

12 thoughts on “Potatoes Au Gratin

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  2. Diane

    These potatoes look so good! Would love some!! Cutting back on cheese, but maybe once or twice a year we can have these. My mouth is watering!!

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  4. The first thing I think of when you say potatoes au gratin is “Mmmm…yes, please!” These look like such a treat – perhaps they’ll have to make an appearance on my Thanksgiving table this year!

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