Meatless Monday Grilling Recipes {Labor Day Cookout

Meatless Monday Grilling Recipes {Labor Day Cookout

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Today we are sharing some Meatless Monday grilling recipes with you.

Don’t believe anything David may say, grilling isn’t all about meat. There are a lot of meatless options out there that will make you forget the fact you’re not eating grilled meat.

Remember going meatless one day a week can help save our planet, by reducing greenhouse gases and reducing fuel dependence.

Go meatless at your Labor Day Cookout with these great Meatless Monday Grilling Recipes:

#1 Grilled Mushroom Caprese Sandwiches on Sour Dough: 
A gourmet marriage of grilled cheese sandwiches and Caprese salad, this sandwich is made with juicy ripe summer tomatoes basil, melted gooey mozzarella cheese and hearty grilled mushrooms on sourdough bread.

Grilled Mushroom Caprese Sandwiches are made with tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, fresh mozzarella cheese and basil filled inside rustic sourdough bread. Yum! |


#2 Grilled Vegetable Salad:
Enjoy the summer harvest with this delicious salad. Enjoy colorful grilled vegetables in this rustic Italian salad made with crusty bread, fresh tomatoes, eggplant, summer squash, zucchini and mushrooms with fresh spinach and a drizzle of a tangy homemade dressing with basil.

#3 Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burgers: 
A meaty-textured Portobello mushroom is the perfect stand-in for a hamburger. Marinated Portobello mushrooms juicy and grilled to perfection, topped with melted cheese, then topped with onions, lettuce and tomato this mushroom burger will satisfy anyone’s burger craving with less fat and calories!

A Meatless Monday classic recipe for juicy grilled portobello mushroom burgers. Mushrooms seasoned with garlic, oil, salt & pepper grilled over charcoal. |

#4 Grilled Veggie Pizza:
Dazzle guests, and keep the kitchen cool, by baking pizza on the backyard grill. Savor the last days of summer by switching things up a bit and grilling your pizza. Your grill is the perfect pizza “oven.” The fire gives the crust a nice crackle and char and the toppings a smoky flavor, with your choice of vegetable toppings and cheeses. This recipe made us fall in love with grilled pizza.

Grilled veggie pizzas are made easy with these step by step directions. The grilled crust is topped with mozzarella cheese, sauce, and vegetable toppings. |

We hope these Meatless Monday grilling recipes inspire you to light up the grill this  How will you go meatless this Meatless Monday?

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