Happy Birthday, Atchee Boy!

Happy Birthday, Atchee Boy!

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It’s His Royal Highness’ 15th Birthday and I feel like that is something worth mentioning.

In September 2012 Ashes (AKA: Atchee, AtcheeBatcheeCalaBatchee, His Royal Highness…) was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. Now, lifelong daily medication is required and his CBC and T4 levels need to be rechecked regularly for the remainder of his life. Fortunately, he is the BEST pill taker in the world of felines!!

It hasn’t been easy. The past year and a half he has had his ups and downs battling reactions to the medication as well as dealing with his skin allergies. He had gotten down to almost 7 pounds from his normal 8-10 pounds. He felt bony and was so thin I was fearing he wasn’t going to pull out of it. Miraculously, he is now doing great! In fact, he is doing better than I ever imagined he would be again. He has gained back his weight. When you rub him his body feels bulky and healthy again.

I hope and pray that he will continue this upward trend. He’s been with me my entire adult life and I’m not sure I understand what life is without this cat. So today, he gets whatever he wants. He sure deserves it!

Happy Birthday, Atchee Boy, we love you!

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