Hot Dogs On A Cold Night and Lessons of Worthlessness

Hot Dogs On A Cold Night and Lessons of Worthlessness

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Last Saturday, David and I decided to hibernate. Tuesday brought a big snowstorm our way and dropped about 6-inches of snow. The temperatures remained low all week and there was absolutely no snowmelt except what the sun managed to burn through. We went to the grocery store on Friday night after work and planned our meals for Saturday, so we wouldn’t have to go out.


We awoke on Saturday to a beautiful red sky.

For some reason, we always manage to forget to plan our lunches at home on the weekend. 

This time we remembered lunch and I even cooked breakfast.

We took naps and caught up on the recordings on our DVR until lunchtime.

I baked bacon in the oven (it is so much easier than standing over a spattering frying pan, not to mention you can continue being worthless).

We had a little taste of summertime by making BLT sandwiches for lunch.

I Spy 3 Deer

We even played “I Spy” with the deer in our yard.

Signal Knob
Walking down my road.

Later after a few more naps, I decided to bundle up and take my usual walk through our neighborhood. It was warmer that day and the snow-covered mountain and valley down below were sure beautiful to look at.

I even horsed around in the yard a bit before coming inside.


Fireball in the sky.

For supper, we lit the fireplace. Yep, that’s right we lit the fireplace and got a nice cozy fire going. We made homemade chili (Easy but no recipe, just add, ketchup, chili powder, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, and pepper to ground hamburger until it tastes like chili).

Next, David roasts the hot dogs over the fire.

His Royal Highness helped because he does love hot dogs!

We topped the hot dogs with the chili, mustard, and onion. It paired well with the potato chips and dip.

After we had our hot dogs, His Royal Highness taught us how to be even more worthless.

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