The Uses of a Salad Spinner {The Mountain Kitchen Tips

The Uses of a Salad Spinner {The Mountain Kitchen Tips

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I love my salad spinner. It’s a really useful tool in the kitchen.

Last week, I purchased some fresh spinach from the grocery store. The spinach was soaking wet inside the grocery store bag by the time I got home. If I hadn’t of washed and spun the water off of my spinach, it would not have lasted in the refrigerator for a couple of days until I needed it. 

Your salad spinner can do much more than spin the water out of fresh greens before serving. Get 5 uses of a salad spinner that will change how you think! |

I use my salad spinner to wash and dry fresh leafy vegetables the most, but salad spinners have many uses besides washing and drying greens.

Here are 5 Uses for A Salad Spinner:

  1. Draining macaroni: When making pasta salad, a salad spinner can replace your colander for draining macaroni. It helps prevent watered-down spaghetti sauce, too. Carefully toss in the pasta and give it a generous spin to remove excess water.
  2. Vegetables and fruit: When frying French fries or hash browns, you want the potatoes to be as dry as possible before they enter the hot frying oil. Give the potatoes a good spin before frying. Spinners are useful to dry zucchini for zucchini bread or eggplant after it’s been salted for various dishes, too. To save a bit of time, wash and cut vegetables or fruit, dry them in the spinner, then place them in the fridge for use throughout the week.
  3. Dough: When letting dough (pizza, bread, etc.) rise, place the dome section of your salad spinner on top of your dough. You can see through the dome to watch the progress.
  4. Dressing: You can add dressing and inside the salad spinner to evenly coat your salad greens, or use the spinner to remove excess dressing before serving.
  5. Meat, fish, and poultry: After washing and before coating, recipes typically ask you to pat meat dry. You can use your salad spinner to remove any excess water so your coatings stick well.

How do you use your salad spinner? Comment below.

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