We’re Still Here

We’re Still Here

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Good Morning!

There have been many sunrises and sunsets since my last blog post. Rest assured we are still here and I’ll be blogging again soon. I have been dealing with something the past couple of months and in time you will learn what has been going on. I have some news I want to share with you and when I do, you will understand my absence on the blog scene.

I’ve missed blogging and I am eager to start sharing recipes and stories with you again. When I return you will notice a change in my blog style. I’ve decided to do away with “Food Fact Friday” and “The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday. I’ll still share tips when I run across ones worth sharing, but they will not be as frequent. Both of these blog posts were fun posts to do, but I want to take this blog into a different direction. Don’t worry, we will keep on being Meatless on Monday. We enjoy Meatless Monday and it benefits more than just us. It benefits the planet!

I want to spend more time and energy on individual posts. I want to write meaningful blog posts, not just regurgitating stuff you can easily Google and read on the internet. This blog was heading in the wrong direction. The main reason I started this blog was to talk about my experiences in the kitchen and to tell you about life here on the mountain. I wandered away from the mountain kitchen, and will be bringing things back to the mountain and on this mountain I will stay.

We will both benefit from the changes. I won’t be rushed into keeping such a wacky unrealistic blog schedule. I was trying to make posts 5-days a week, while trying to live my life and work a full-time job. It was becoming stressful and I wasn’t enjoying it as much. Posting on my on time, I’ll enjoy writing posts more and I hope you will enjoy reading them even more. It’s a win-win for both of us.  

I’ll also be sharing the rest of our story soon. I regret not sharing it all with you sooner. That story is the reason why we are here today.

Thanks for reading. See you soon!


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