90 Days Smoke-Free

90 Days Smoke-Free

I did it. I am 90 Days Smoke-Free!

I did not start this blog just because of my love for food and cooking. I also started it because I needed something productive to do to replace my habit of smoking cigarettes. I have tried my best to put all the time, anxiety and energy into something creative and something I really enjoy.

10:30 p.m. last night, marked exactly 90 days since my last cigarette. That’s 1080 cigarettes I have not smoked since Jan. 1, $243 and 4.5 days of time saved. It’s been rough. I pretty much quit cold turkey and after experiencing the withdrawals I went threw the first few weeks, I would not wish that to my worst enemy. I read that people with addiction to Heroin have a better success rate for quitting than a smoker addicted to nicotine. I truly believe that.

I used two electronic cigarettes to help in the beginning, but I did not continue using them. I felt like it was prolonging the inevitable and I was really afraid to become addictive to them. Two weeks after my last real cigarette, I quit nicotine for good. I didn’t plan to quit. I ran out of cigarettes the night of Jan. 1st and decided I wasn’t going to get another pack from the store. Somehow I have made it this far and as bad as I want a cigarette at this very moment, it just doesn’t seem right to go back.

A 22 year habit is hard to break. I can’t believe I let something control me so much. I loath the hold the addiction has on me. I only hope that one day I will live a day in which the urge to smoke never hits me. I have made progress; instead of wanting a cigarette 458 times a day, I only want one 238 times a day. At least the agonizing flu symptoms didn’t last after week two. And so it goes…

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