February Mountain Moments 2021

February Mountain Moments 2021

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Today I’m sharing our February Mountain Moments. This is a recap of what happened in the month of February, in and outside of our mountain kitchen.

our home in the snow

The 28 days of February proved that that stupid groundhog was not lying. We have had a lot of snow and ice this month, but that’s ok we love seeing this mountain covered with snow.

our home in evening snow

Besides, it’s good for our water table. Being up at almost 1000 feet above sea level you tend to concern yourself with things like that.

Debbie in dermatologist chair

My 6-Month Skin Check

Good news! There have been no changes in my skin in the last 6 months. I think it is finally stable.

I have a few moles that the doctors are monitoring. Each is marked on my Vectra Whole Body Scan and measurements have been taken for comparison.

I’m so very thankful for this new technology. It has probably saved me from many unnecessary biopsies. I hope and pray that it will benefit others the way it has me.



You may get tired of me asking this, but I WILL NEVER STOP REMINDING YOU!

I cannot stress enough to you how very important skin checks are to your health. DON’T MAKE EXCUSES. Get a skin check! Early detection is crucial and it could save your life!

I didn’t think I would get Melanoma, but I DID. My story has turned out well. So many others aren’t so lucky.

Please protect yourself and the ones you love. There is no safe tan and no it isn’t “just a sunburn”. 

Here is a Prevention Guideline Handout from SkinCancer.org

Read it. Learn from it. PREVENT IT!

A Little Valentine Fun!

Valentine’s Day was fun this year. We decided to abandon our normal plan to do something different. So, we attended a special Valentine’s wine tasting at Narmada Winery. We became wine club members at the beginning of the year.

We enjoyed our time in the cellar then heading back to town for an amazing dinner at our favorite spot, Osteria 510 where we had an amazing Italian meal prepare by our friend, Vincenzo.

It was a great day and the whole day felt “normal”.



crown roast on grill


“Excellent recipe for making sausage rolls!! My husband is from New Zealand and says these are better than they make at home! I grind all my ingredients in a small food processor to make the sausage the texture of Irish or NZ sausage. It’s much finer grind there. Thank you so much for the great recipe!! Quick and easy with great instructions!!”

Ms T (Comment & 5-Star rating on Irish Sausage Rolls)

“I just made this recipe for a second time — tonight as our Valentine’s dinner. The first time I used just one tenderloin (halving the rub mix), and tonight I used a regular pork loan and adjusted the cooking time. Both were perfect! Since it’s winter, I cooked the pork in my enameled cast iron pan and paired it with chunky applesauce and scalloped potatoes, But, I’m picturing a summer version started on the stove and finished in our big green egg and accompanied by grilled vegetables. Thanks for the great recipe!”

Jane (Comment & 5-Star rating on 5 Steps to Amazing Oven-Baked BBQ Pork Tenderloin)

“Thanks for all your effort in creating this wonderful blog. It’s interesting and I love grilling and smoking feed pork fish vegetables I don’t think there’s any better tasting food than that that’s cooked on the grill slowly smoked hmmmm.”

Tom (Comment on He Calls Me “The Blonde Italian”)


Irish Sausage Rolls are made with Irish sausage rolled in a blanket of golden brown pastry dough. A fun and tasty recipe to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
Irish Sausage Rolls
Irish Sausage Rolls are made with Irish sausage rolled in a blanket of golden brown pastry dough. A fun and tasty recipe to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
Check out this recipe
Irish Sausage Rolls are made with Irish sausage rolled in a blanket of golden brown pastry dough. A fun and tasty recipe to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
chocolate stout cupcakes
Chocolate Stout Cupcakes
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with chocolate stout cupcakes, made with dutch cocoa infused with dark stout beer. You don't have to like beer to indulge!
Check out this recipe
chocolate stout cupcakes


sausages on grill with mountain view

After all the snow this month, David came home and grilled us some Italian sausages on the grill the other day.

The days are getting longer and hopefully will start getting a little warmer too.

I’m glad it’s March and I’m ready for Spring!


That’s all of the February Mountain Moments. See ya next month with more moments from the mountain.

Thanks for reading!

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