His Royal Highness Earns His Keep

His Royal Highness Earns His Keep

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I have to give credit where credit is due. I often joke about how His Royal Highness needs to get a job and pay rent, but now and then he does earn his keep. This 14 ½ year old cat of ours is the best home defense mechanism. Anything breathing in the house that shouldn’t be, he’s gonna see to it that it is gone.

Somehow, lizards have been getting inside our basement through our french doors. It doesn’t take them long to realize what a big mistake that is. Our Atchee boy stalks them down and kills them. He has killed two in the last couple of weeks and continues to hunt on a daily basis. He will not give up this hunt until the threat of pests are gone.

The amazing part of his pest control is the fact that he has no claws at all. How he does it we do not know. When we moved into our rental at Bull Run Mountain, the house was filled with mice. We had to use the classic mouse traps to kill as many as we could. (We do not use poison because we don’t want to harm Atchee.) It did not take but a week or so to get rid of the mice. Between those traps and Atchee we didn’t have mouse trouble any more.

All from a cat with no claws. So, here’s to you Atchee boy for a job well done. You can now continue to be worthless in your box under the coffee table, after getting a fat belly from your plain boiled chicken treats. 🙂


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