Another 3 Months… Another Skin Check for Melanoma

Another 3 Months… Another Skin Check for Melanoma

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Another 3-Months…Another skin check.

Today I go in for my third skin check since having melanoma removed from my leg last December. 

The portion of skin that gets cut out and sent to the lab.

If you have been following along in my fight against Melanoma, then you are aware that I must have skin checks every 3 months as part of my follow-up treatment. This year hasn’t been the best health-wise.

My skin is extremely sick. A lot more so than I thought. So far, I have not had a single clear skin check since my surgery. I have had a biopsy at each skin check appointment and each biopsy report has revealed new Stage 0 Melanoma on my skin on my shoulder and back. Out of 3 biopsies, since the original melanoma was removed from my leg, 2 have had to have in-office wide excision skin surgery to remove any residual cancer cells that could possibly be forming on and under my skin.

I ain’t gonna lie, I DREAD today. I am really damn tired of getting cut open. As soon as one surgery wound heals, it’s time to go back for another check. With each new discovery, my clock resets for follow-up care. At this rate, I’ll be going to a dermatologist every three months for quite some time.

Large shoulder scar from 2nd Skin Check. The smaller back scar from 1st Skin Check.

Regardless of all these cuts and incisions, I am thankful. I am so thankful that the doctors are finding this crap and cutting it off of me before it is too late. So today, I am trying to go into that dermatology office with a positive attitude. I’m going in hoping and praying they don’t have to cut on me anymore. But if they do, I know that they are doing what they need to do to keep me safe of this awful disease.

Please protect yourself and the ones you love. There is no safe tan and no it isn’t “just a sunburn”.

Here is a Prevention Guideline Handout from

Read it. Learn from me. PREVENT IT!

Thanks for reading this and allowing me to share my journey with you.

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