Smoke On the Mountain


David bought a new Weber Smokey  Mountain Cooker last weekend on clearance (that never happens!!). Today he is christening his new cooker with a big fat juicy pork shoulder. Stay tuned…. DMS


FOOD FACT FRIDAY ~ Onions | The Mountain Kitchen

Here are 18 facts you may not have known about onions: First organized cultivation of onions started in Asia some 5,500 years ago. They quickly spread around the world, and became popular for their medicinal value and ease of storing in the winter. Onion develops root, bulb and green leaves. Bulb is edible part of … Read More

The Resurrection Of The Salsa Club Rollup

Salsa Club Rollups | The Mountain Kitchen

I first posted about the Salsa Club Rollup back in 2013, but I thought it was high time I brought it back to life again. If you are looking for a quick and easy summer time lunch or supper, you’ve got to try a Salsa Club Rollup! A what?!?!, you asked. I’ll explain: I used … Read More

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