FFF Carrots

Here are 11 facts you may not have known about carrots: Carrots can be traced back about 5,000 years through historical documents and paintings. No one knows exactly when the first carrots appeared, because many people mistook them for parsnips, a close relative of the carrot. The domesticated carrot that we know today originated from … Read More


Strawberry Surprise | The Mountain Kitchen

IT’S STRAWBERRY SEASON!! Even if you don’t go out and stoop over a bunch of strawberry plants in the middle of a field, at least go support your local farmers’ market and buy some fresh and ripe. Then you can make this dessert I’m about to share with you. You may think this is just your … Read More

Grilled Teriyaki Mushroom Meatball Sandwiches

Grilled Teriyaki Mushroom Meatball Sandwiches | The Mountain Kitchen

As I mentioned yesterday, there are many recipes that can be made healthier by supplementing mushrooms. Here is the recipe I submitted for the contest. It is understandable why it wasn’t a winner, I totally went rogue with this one and really didn’t give them what they were looking for.  Never mind all of that, the point … Read More

10 thoughts on “Grilled Teriyaki Mushroom Meatball Sandwiches

  1. Hum not sure what the contest folks were looking for??? But, who cares, they sound Yum-o. I like something similar with Banh Mi Sandwiches using Eye Round Roast Beef sliced super thin, onions, mushrooms, peppers and all the fixin”s on a nice crusty sub roll! Yay.

  2. What a great idea using only half the meat and replacing the other half with mushrooms. I’ve done this before with beans, but this is a great idea! Looks delish!

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