BBQ Grill and Smoker Accessories {David’s Must-Have List

BBQ Grill and Smoker Accessories {David’s Must-Have List

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Grilling and smoking go beyond what type of grill, smoker, or fuel you use. BBQ grill and smoker accessories are worth investing in too. They make your life easier and can improve your whole bbq experience. Some BBQ tools and accessories can even improve the way your food tastes.

David grills and smokes food all year round, come rain, sleet or snow. For others, Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the summer grilling season. To kick off the holiday weekend, we would like to share David’s Must-Have List of BBQ Grill and Smoker Accessories with you to help you enjoy grilling and smoking and experience each time you fire up your grill or smoker.

david grilling

David’s Must-Have BBQ Grill and Smoker Accessories

For each item on David’s list, there is an explanation for how they function and how each benefits his grilling experience. We have also provided product shopping links to help you shop, so if you’re interested in purchasing something on his list you’ll be able to find the BBQ grill and smoker accessories you need.

Before we begin, we want you to know that David’s list is based on a good-faith honest opinion. Although we use affiliate links for the products, this post was not sponsored in any way, nor will you pay any additional costs or fees.

Let’s check out David’s list!

charcoal chimney with fire and hot coals


There’s no charcoal starter fluid on this mountain. Only a charcoal chimney full of charcoal and a couple of sheets of burning newspaper underneath. That’s all you need to get the charcoal hot.

A charcoal chimney is key to ensure that people eating your food don’t get that bad chemical taste in their mouths. Even after the coals are white and ready to go they still absorb some of the lighter fluid, which tastes like damn it.

I use a Weber rapidfire compact chimney starter to light my coals. There are some other brands out there, but for a few extra bucks, you get a really nice charcoal chimney that will outlast the others.

Get a Weber chimney. I’ve burned through others in half the amount of time. It’s worth it!

fireproof gloves

#2 GLOVES {Fireproof & Disposable

Fireproof Gloves

Debbie just got me a new pair of GRILL HEAT AID Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves. Everybody should have fireproof gloves they are superb for handling the charcoal chimney and even the grill grates.

This set of heat resistant gloves is EN4O7 certified, which means they can withstand heats up to 932 degrees F! You’re protected AND they have a snug fit so you can maneuver around the grill or smoker without losing control or getting caught up like you would with a big bulky glove.

david using disposable gloves

Disposable Gloves

I’ve never worn them that much before, but I’m really starting to like using disposable gloves when cleaning up my grills and smokers. Smut and char are hard to get off. The gloves make it a whole lot easier to get back on the couch so I can be worthless with the wife after cooking all day.

tongs bbq brush sauce pan and lighter beside grill

#3 TONGS {Utility & Cooking

Tongs are very versatile allowing you to grab things easily. I use two different types of tongs, one set I call Utility Tongs and another set of Cooking Tongs. I recommend you have two or three pairs for each grill you own. 

using utiliity

Utility Tongs:

I refer to a special slender and long set of tongs for adding the charcoal and wood into the smoker or grill as my “utility tongs”. They are great for re-positioning charcoal and wood under the meat when needed.

My utility tongs are a really cheap set of 16-inch tongs. They aren’t anything fancy, they are just long and slender, so they can easily be stuck inside the charcoal bag or within the grate of the grill.

I just ordered another set like these from Amazon so I would have another set for my new smoker. You can order a set or two using the shop button below.

tossing the snack mix with tongs

Cooking Tongs:

Piercing your meat can cause flavor loss. The piercing holes into the meat can cause the juices to leak out. Never use a fork on a steak!

Instead, I highly recommend a set of Weber grilling tongs. They can turn steaks, ribs, and chicken and even move large chunks of meat while keeping your hand far from the flame. The set I have comes with a nice spatula which is great for flipping burgers and picking up fillets of fish from the grill.

david stirring saucepan

#4 SAUCEPAN {Mini & Large Size

You need a good quality saucepan (a saucepan of your own and one your wife will let you take outside to the grill). I have two different sizes.

I have a large 3 ½-quart saucepan with a lid (to keep the bugs out) for large chunks of meat or numerous racks of ribs. Get a 3 ½-quart saucepan like mine below.

I also have a cheap inexpensive mini saucepan for weeknight bites and quick grilling. Find a cheap inexpensive mini saucepan similar to what I use below.

david with ribs on cutting boards


I use multiple cutting boards when I grill and smoke. Some are for prepping the meat and some with a channel around the edge for carving.

I use them all for cooking multiple racks of ribs!

I have both wood and nonporous types. Debbie recently purchased a large nonporous one I have fallen in love with. It’s perfect for meat, fish or poultry. It’s pretty sanitary because it’s non-porous and non-absorbent. It also has the ever-important juice channel around the edge to capture the juices that tend to ooze out of your juiciest of meats.

My oldest and dearest carving board is made of bamboo. It’s a durable tough board. It’s hard to scar up and it also has the juice channel to capture all those delicious meat juices.

Thermoworks Smoke meat thermometer


Probe Thermometer

Knowing the temperature inside your smoker or grill is crucial. Even if your smoker or grill has a temperature gauge, we still highly recommend that you purchase a digital BBQ thermometer such as Smoke™ from Thermoworks. Thermoworks thermometers are some of the most accurate thermometers money can buy. This particular model was designed for competition BBQ teams and professional chefs. It has a two-channel alarm that uses probes to accurately read the temperature of the meat and the pit.

Smoke comes with a digital receiver that beeps and vibrates with an alarm, taking all the guesswork out of smoking meat. The receiver displays temperatures and alarm settings on a large LCD screen, which comes in handy when it is cold outside. It’s good to use any time, especially in winter, so you won’t have to keep letting cold air come in the house running in and out to check the smoker so often.

Instant-Read Thermometer

 While a probe thermometer is great, it helps to check other areas of the meatloaf to ensure even cooking. Not to mention when cooking ribs there’s really nowhere to stick a probe. Get an instant-read thermometer. It’s a game-changer to make sure your meat is done and not over or undercooked.

smoking wood soaking in water


A metal bowl for soaking wood chips is a great thing to have. I use a stainless steel metal bowl because it is durable, easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about breaking it.

You can find a stainless steel bowl on Amazon fairly cheap. Check out the link below.

bacon-wrapped smoked meatloaf on grill


If you don’t have a water smoker a water pan and a charcoal grill can double as a water smoker. Sizing may vary on the size of your grill. So, make sure there is enough space for charcoal on both sides for indirect heat.

You can buy them in bulk to have on hand. They also are a great way to serve food when having a big BBQ with friends and family. Debbie ordered (25) 9×13 aluminum pans with covers and I can’t wait to use them.

foldable picnic table for workspace


A good utility table is perfect for prep work, a place to put your pans, tongs and other accessories. It’s also a nice place to sit around and drink beer while your food cooks.

I received this mini-folding picnic table as a gift for 10 years of service on my job. It’s been a great little item to have by the grill. They are not expensive and this one folds up small for storage. The bench makes it awesome for chilling and swilling.

Any small folding table will do. There is no such thing as having too much workspace.

brushing the brown sugar glaze on the duck

#10 Sauce Brush or Mop

When it comes to slathering sauce on my meat, I prefer to use a silicone grilling brush. A mop gets so saturated with sauce, it makes it hard to clean. To me, a silicone brush is more effective for saucing and it’s so easy to clean up. All my silicon grill brushes come apart for easy cleaning and can go from the grill directly to the dishwasher.

Smoking ribs is a true labor of love, but with some common knowlege and easy-to-follow steps you too can create mouthwatering, succulent and flavorful baby back ribs.


I discovered the rib rack after several years of smoking them flat. I recommend using two so you don’t overcrowd the ribs in the rack. In my opinion, It seems to allow for a more even temperature and smoke around the ribs.

However, if you sauce your ribs on the grill, remove them from the rack and lay them flat for even distribution of the sauce.

grill brush for grill


For years I used a plastic grill brush with metal bristles and then I read where people ingested bristles from the grill brush. That kind of scared me, so I tried the bristleless ones, as well as the wooden planks.

However, I don’t think anything really cleans a grill grate like a brush with metal bristles. So to be safe, after brushing the grill I recommend you always wipe the grill grate down with a wad of paper towels. This will help ensure no bristles are stuck to the grate before adding the food.

butane lighter lighting newspaper under chimney

#13 Butane lighter

I use a long butane lighter for lighting paper under your chimney and getting my fires going. I’ve tried all kinds of lighters, but Bic makes the best and most reliable lighters you can buy.

Buy a whole pack and keep them handy you never know when you are going to need to fire up the grill!

David grills all year round, come rain, sleet or snow. For some Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the grilling season. Here are David's Grilling Essentials. |

#14 BEER

With all that heat from the grill, it’s important to stay hydrated. My beverage of choice is a frosted glass from the freezer with an ice-cold beer while grilling and smoking.

Drink whatever you prefer, just remember to grill responsibly!

David with a big thumbs up

All these essential BBQ grill and smoker accessories are key factors for hosting fun summer cookouts and will make your grilling and smoking experiences more enjoyable.

Did your favorite BBQ grill and smoker accessories make David’s list? Tell us what your favorite grill and smoker accessory is in the comments below!

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