Cheese Grating Made Easier {The Mountain Kitchen Tips

Cheese Grating Made Easier {The Mountain Kitchen Tips

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To make your cheese grating easier, spray your cheese grater down with a little non-stick cooking spray before you get started Great tip that saves time!

Do you hate grating cheese as much as I do?

Well, I have a tip that will make cheese grating a whole lot easier!

I’m not sure why I dislike grating cheese so much, but I do. If I have a lot of cheese to grate, I usually pull out my food processor. It makes short work out of the daunting task. If there is too little cheese to justify getting the food processor out, I will grate it by hand with a box grater or handheld grater. It’s really about the labor involved and the time.

Or course you could buy pre-shredded cheese, but that stuff contains additives like potato starch and even cellulose to keep it from clumping. Other additives are added also to keep the cheese from molding. Gross!

grating cheese

Grating semi-soft cheese can be difficult to clean the grater afterward. You also lose a lot of cheese because it breaks up when you’re trying to press it through the grater.  To make your life easier, spray your grater with a little cooking spray or butter to make both the grating and the cleanup easier.

Experienced kitchen pros know this trick as a way to make cleaning the grater easier. However, the oil or butter also makes cheese grating an easier and less stressful on your elbow.

If you try this tip, you will get more cheese through the grater and less crumbled up on the outside. When you finish grating, most of the residue will come right off with warm tap water and a little soap or just throw it into the dishwasher.

I’m all about saving time in the kitchen, so this is a great tip that I will use from now on.

Recipes to try this tip for grating cheese on:

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