December Mountain Moments 2020 {The Year End Review

December Mountain Moments 2020 {The Year End Review

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Happy New Year Y’all!  Today I’m sharing our December Mountain Moments. I also want to take a moment to reflect on the year 2020 before welcoming 2021.

As I sit here and write this, it’s cold and gray outside. We are supposed to get bad weather with the potential of freezing rain today. NOT GOOD…

2020 was not the easiest, to say the least. For some, it was harder than others. Despite all the bullshit (lots of bullshit), it hasn’t been a terrible year for David and me. We are both well and somewhat healthy. We both worked every day the entire year even during the shutdowns and mandatory quarantine.

David and I are blessed beyond measure and we woke up on this first day of 2021 the same way we did in 2020, older, stronger, and wiser.

So let’s recap 2020 and some of our December Mountain Moments…


This year marked the seven-year anniversary of The Mountain Kitchen despite such a strange and different year it’s been quite a pretty good one.

I stuck with last year’s goal of trying to be present here on the blog. I showed up on the first of each month to share what’s been going on in and outside of The Mountain Kitchen.

Having said that I need you to know that time is not always my friend. Though I wish it were, blogging about food and sharing recipes is not my full-time job. I get really frustrated sometimes, but that is only because I feel like I could do so much more for our readers if I only had the time.

In 2021 I am hoping to overcome some of my frustrations by focusing on planning. I believe more effort will benefit everyone.

We invite you to check out the most popular recipes from this year in this post, The Top 10 Recipes of 2020.

This is a collection of our readers’ favorite recipes of 2020. This year we shared almost 50 new recipes with you. From smoked meats such as smoked beef short ribs, smoked beef tenderloin, smoked pork shoulder, and smoked salmon to healthy vegetarian dishes for Meatless Monday dishes like portobello cap mushroom pizzas, to fried fish and mouthwatering stuffed cabbage rolls.


This was our first full year operating as an official business. The Mountain Kitchen was officially established as a business in May 2019, becoming The Mountain Kitchen, LLC. We continue to work closer to my ultimate goal – turning this website into a full-time job. I have always dreamed of doing work I truly love; work that gives me “purpose“.

More than anything today, David and I want to thank you for another year together. We cannot tell you what it means to have your encouragement and support. Your faithful readership, and your willingness to try our recipes. Especially your emails and comments. Interacting with you means a lot to us and we are always happy to help get food on your table any way we can.

We don’t get the opportunity often enough to say thank you. So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for allowing us into your homes and supporting us to do what we love to do. It means more than you could ever know.


Late this year we took the plunge-diving headfirst into trying to produce videos to go along with our recipes. The video above was made as a way to lighten things up a bit.

We joke, we laugh and goof off on and off camera, but make no mistake WE TAKE OUR FOOD AND RECIPES SERIOUSLY. We love food. Food is our passion and we hope we can help you make some of the best dishes you’ve ever tasted to share with your family and friends.

Sometimes seeing something demonstrated is so much easier than trying to read about how to do it. We realize we are in no way capable of professionalism, but hopefully, we can at least get our point across to you so you can better understand how to create our recipes.

There’s a lot of work to making videos, but I am in love with putting them together for you. Most of all, I applaud David for his willingness to be thrown in front of the camera. I’m not an easy person to work for and he’s trying his damndest to do a good job for y’all.

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL and if you have comments or suggestions you can comment below the videos. If there is something you want to see us do, let us know that too!



The Mountain Kitchen Beef Brisket

The Mountain Kitchen Beef Brisket


“I made this recipe and it was outstanding. I do have to admit that I did not use as much butter and 2% milk. Also substituted 1/2 of the broth with white wine and it did not disappoint! Thank you for the recipe!”

Sharron (Comment & 5-Star rating on Mushroom Spinach Soup)

“I have made these b4 but rolling them in 10x sugar puts them over the top!”

Lynne (Comment Mama Rosa’s Date Nut Balls)

“Love homemade mushroom soup and spinach so much!! Found this recipe a to be perfect. I used almond milk the first time, still lovely and thick. Second time light cream and milk. Third time, I added 1/2 jalapeno (some like it hot)! I don’t think the type of “cream” affects the creamy, earthy taste a bit!”

Jody (Comment on Mushroom Spinach Soup )


mug of Hoppin John with mountain view

Hoppin John

Make a meal off of Hoppin John. A one-pot-wonder of black-eyed peas, tomatoes, chilies, bell peppers, and onion in a rich pork flavored broth.

white bean and pork chili

White Bean And Pork Chili

Rich pork, mild chiles, and gooey cheese come together in a rich broth with fresh lime to make White Bean and Pork Chili. An easy weeknight dinner recipe!


December 16 brought the first snow of the season to the mountain, dumping nearly 10-inches of snow. It was quite unexpected and yet at the same time so very welcomed.

This picture was one of my favorite December mountain moments.

The snow outlines every detail of the mountain, including our little cabin on the side of the mountain. I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I see this place and a small tear of joy, happiness, and pride. So very blessed to call the place home. I cannot imagine living anywhere else with David Spivey.



The prettiest mountain views of 2020.

That’s all of the December Mountain Moments. As we say goodbye to another year, we are excited to see what lies ahead in 2021.

Thanks for reading this blog and trying our recipes. May 2021 be filled with health and happiness!

From David and I at The Mountain Kitchen, Happy New Year!

Love y’all!

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